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If you are a small business owner struggling to stay alive-trying everything except auctioning off your first born for next months cash flow needs, we have good news. Wal-Mart, through its 600 nationwide Sam’s club stores, is promoting a new product that precisely matches your needs. No, I’m not talking about a jumbo jar of cashews. Instead, something even dearer to the hearts of the small business owner: a small business loan. You remember those–something banks used to loan in the good ol’ days.

So what exactly is Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. offering? The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) has a small business loan product called either Community Express (non-veterans) and Patriot Express (veterans and their spouses) for up to $25,000. It is a monstrously popular program that has been on the books for years and which small businesses are gradually becoming acquainted with. These micro loans are user friendly because they require very little paperwork. Unlike traditional SBA loans which require pounds of tax returns, financials, projections, income verifications, and personal financial statements, perish the thought, these only require simple SBA forms that can be filled out a matter of minutes. Really. Here are the important features:

1. Only SBA loans-regulated by the Federal Government 소액결제현금화
2. 5K to 25K Micro Loans
3. Unsecured-no liens on your home or property
4. Answer in 48 hours
5. Funding in 14 days
6. Low interest regulated by US Small Business Administration
7. Monthly principal and interest of only $60/month for every $5,000
8. No Financials
9. No Tax Returns
10. No Formal Business Plans
11. Start-ups OK
12. Builds business credit
13. Money wired directly to business checking account
14. Auto ACH debit each month-no mailing or coupons
15. Quick and easy paperwork
16. No Balloon payments
17. No pre-payment penalties-pay off anytime and stop the interest

Sound too good to be true? Well, they actually exist and lenders are finding them as we speak. Wal-Mart deserves all due credit for the exceptional job of bringing this to the public’s attention and stepping up to the plate. You can have the best loan program in the world, but if a small business owner is unaware of it, it might as well be nonexistent. Although all persons may apply, the focus will be on minority, women-owned, and veteran-owned businesses, the sector of the economy which has the greatest need. Although Sam’s club hopes to reap the benefit of people shopping in their stores after receiving a loan, it is not a requirement.

The 28 million small business owners in this country continue to be stifled with tight credit markets and this comes not a minute too soon. According to Catherine Corley, vice president of membership at Sams: “Access to capital is a major pain point for our members.”

Sam’s Club requires the purchase of a membership card to apply for the loan, while other SBA lenders have no such requirement.

Funds are now available and so applications are being received immediately by lenders across the nation. An opportunity like this does not last permanently. Get’em while they’re hot. Through the inconsequential din of Washington, someone is finally listening. Good luck.


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